International Cooperation

  International education is the trend of the development of the current personnel training, and the exchange and cooperation between the high level university and the well-known scholars, not only to provide students with the latest research and development trends, but also to provide a platform for the more frequent and close academic exchanges.

  We not only actively introduce, choose to stay with overseas study background of teachers annually, also invited many famous scholars to give lectures, such as we had been hired at Harvard University Social Science Department Professor Frank Dobbin had been for high-end foreign experts to interview, lakes in Canada to hire the first university professor Robert sweet, York University Professor Pual Anisef, Japanese professor Abe Taeki. Jacksonville State University professor Aveni F. Adrian, University of Toledo Jiangshan River, as the short term foreign teaching scientific experts to teaching lectures. At the same time, we also set up the China Social Forum lecture platform, actively invite domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars to offer lectures, has launched more than 60. Extensive academic exchange activities not only to open up the academic perspective of the vast number of teachers and students, but also to further strengthen the domestic and foreign academic community and communication.

  We also actively explore the students' international communication channels, each year more than 10 students went to the sea (territory) to learn. In 2013, the Department and the University of California, Berkeley, signed an agreement selected Undergraduate Exchange, and access to national study Fund Committee of outstanding undergraduate project funding. Since 2013, our department has selected public 6 students, 4 students in the United States to study at their own expense.

  In 2015, we were the only official English magazine Sociological Dialog Chinese ("Chinese sociology dialogue"), and will be published in 2016, which will greatly promote the academic research of sociology and the international first-class scientific research.

  For graduate student, we are discussing with the Department of University College of Dublin and the Irish actively negotiate, on the 1+1+1 master's project has reached a preliminary intention. We were in contact with the United States Illinois State University, and we were also engaged in a joint doctoral program.

  Next, we will also be planning to build the Chinese Research Center of Wuhan University, in line with the concept of continuous innovation, and overseas famous universities in scientific research and teaching in a wide range of cooperation.


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