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Macau university professor Hao Zhidong giving lectures in social department
​Macau university professor Hao Zhidong giv ing lectures in social departmentAt 10 . am on November 5, at the invitation of sociology department of W uhan university, Dr Hao Zhidong who is a professor in sociology of Macau University and a dierctor at the university of contemporary Chinese social science research center made a lecture in our department 302 t...
The sociology department of Wuhan university recruiting overseas
In order to promote the development of disciplines and prepare for the  construction of Wuhan university school of society, we are recruiting outstanding talents from home and abroad and invite elite at home and abroad to join (preparing for an interview in January 2016)  1、Recruitment of disciplines and fields  Sociology (including: organizational sociology, development sociology, s...
Wuhan university cooperates with SAGE journals to publish English periodical— Chinese Sociological Dialog for the signing ceremonyOn September 25, 2015, Wuhan university and the SAGE which is a world famous publishing group, co-operate English journal-Chinese Sociological Dialog (CSD). The signing ceremony was held in the conference room of sociology department of Wuhan university. The vice pr...
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